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Craig Federighi and Apple want to make coding cool

In the ongoing controversy over Apple’s refusal of the FBI’s request to assist in unlocking the iPhone of the San Bernardino gunman, The New York Times reports Apple engineers could refuse the work…

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve or (EGR) Valve as most refer to it is designed to cool exhaust gas by burning exhaust for a second time ---READ-MORE

A TV-sized panel on your wall could wirelessly charge all your gadgets Read more Technology News Here --> Wireless power transmission has been on the cards ever since Nikola Tesla first demonstrated the technology in the 1890s. But with few exceptions wireless power has never quite made it to the mass market. The closest thing we have are the wireless magnetic induction pads that several technology firms launched a few years back but as your device has to…

Stop using plastic water bottles! BPA is a dangerous chemical used to make the flimsy plastic bottles water is sold in. Read more here. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

Murphy & Read is a spring manufacturer specializing in design and manufacture of custom and stock compression springs, extension springs and torsion springs, as well as wire forms, stampings, machining, turning and small assemblies. With over 94 years of experience, we utilize the latest in engineering and manufacturing technology to bring you the highest quality product at unparalleled lead times.

What to expect from Google in 2017 Read more Technology News Here --> While 2016 had its moments it wasnt the best year for Google. Its latest wearable OS didnt ship its much-rumoured next-generation mobile OS didnt appear and its Pixel phones werent given as much development time as its engineers might have liked. But the seeds Google planted in 2016 will flower in 2017 - but itll have to weed out some undesirable stuff too. Heres what to expect from…

The drone TANK that could soon lead US soldiers into battle

The drone TANK that could soon lead US troops into battle: Army bosses reveal robotank has already been tested | The US Army has revealed it has been testing the vehicle, known as Ripsaw. The 'drone tank' is controlled remotely, and can reload itself and even change weapons at the touch of a button. [The Future of Drones: Future Military Technologies: Future Wars:]

International Day of the Girl: Why Science & Math Programs Matter

Camille Crittenden: International Day of the Girl: Why Science & Math Programs Matter. In more developed countries with the capacity (or mandate) to provide basic educational equality, girls still lag behind boys, especially in their achievement in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). AkiraChix (Nairobi), and multilateral programs like USAID's Women and Girls Lead Global and UN Foundation's Girl Up have been launched recently to boost girls' empowerment and access to…

#IoT #Job: Solutions Engineer - IoT Integration @ #Sustain. Fulltime position available in Denver, CO.