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emma hook and henry - Google Search

There is a spot for John and a spot for Lestrade. The one for Lestrade is at the top lol

Drarry, Voldemort approves. I sense another awkward Dark Lord/Malfoy hug...I really hate drarry but this is hilarious just because of lucious at the end

implied drarry if i ever get the chance i will so use that. The narnia and take "so and so" with you thing.

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Poppy on

He would... <-- "It's for research, John."

Baekyeol-being uncannily synchronized-again haha they're totally on the same wavelength

I tried not to repin but... I think I ship Johnlock for Sher when he's sitting around and what-not, but then when he sees Molly he's like "Ah, yes, I love you, not John"

I can't stop laughing.>>> I LOVE THIS!!!! Sherlock is the blue and John is the green

Tyler Hoechlin and Dylan O'Brien are so cute together