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I'll pin the comments soon

I'll pin the comments soon

I don't ship Larry romantically at all! But I love this picture because they don't get to act normal around each other.They'll hug the other lads but not each other because it's made such a big deal. I don't hate Larry shippers at all so please don't think that  I'm close to Larryshipper! I just wish it wouldn't have gotten to the point where they can't be friends they can't hug or smile at each other anymore because of how far it's gone. I love & respect all my Larry followers to death and…

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Lock your screen with Larry being so in love and cute

Look! Harry is confused and so is Louis! And Katy is just smiling and being all cutesy. Omg I love her.

KATY PERRY IS A FANGIRL Katy Perry: *casually nudges lou by harry* Me: *rolls on the floor having a fangirlpanicheartattackhilecrying,screaming,andlaughingatthesametime attack*<--exactly what i did.

This is quite accurate.

This is quite accurate. Who ever wrote this, I salute you.

Larry Stylinson proof<<<okay seriously how is this proof like seriously it's just the way the tattoo goes this Larry crap has gotta stop it's effecting Louis and Harry's friendship and Eleanor and Louis' relationship so can we please stop❤️

This might just be the way the tattoo is supposed to be but ya never know. Larry is real❤

They were also holding hands while in Africa filming OWOA. I saw a video of it recently, but I forget where

They were also holding hands while in Africa filming OWOA. I saw a video of it recently, but I forget where>>>> yeah I saw a video of it too they were playing soccer and holding hands

Cocacola turned into a Larry shiper *claps*- just so everyone knows I only ship Larry as a bromance. I think we're past that bull now but I thought I should probably throw it in anyway. But I thin this is basically a coke win js

They are a Larry shipper! BTW i ship Larry and i would NOT care if it was a bromance or they were actually going out, I don't see why people are always complaining about that!

EVERY LARRY SHIPPER OUT THERE PISSES ME OFF. Obviously its a BROmance not a romance. Louis is happy with Eleanor .. why can't you except that? Harry gets enough banter and he doesn't need it from his "fans". Especially when it's pushing him and his best friend apart. Just shut the hell up. Larry Stylinson isn't real... nor will it ever be real.

Even if u rnt a Larry shipper watch an analysis video. Those change everything

For all you Larry Shippers out there. (:

All the directioners I meet on social media are like you ship Larry and I'm like yeah I do there like Larry isn't real I used to ship it but not any more and you are disrespecting the gay


omg dying rn i love larry stylison its just just so so so so perfect!

It's true. Larry is nothing but a bromance. There is no relationship there. And it's sad that they can't be like brothers in public because people will think they are dating

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aww): maybe people shouldn't be so serious about larry. i love the larry stylinson ship, but not in a real relationship way, more as a way to recognize the great friendship they have together.like brothers.

Larry is real.This was up for only,like, a few minutes on twitter and then he took it down... Coincidence...?I THINK NOT!

*spills juice box* *chokes* *coughs and spits food* *a small piece of medies. * *goes backto normal routine* *remembers this, screams in the middle of math class*

Did anyone else scream | Larry Stylinson

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Are there even 15 million fans. Im not a Larry shipper but this is huge


im :) not :) crying :) Larry fangirl :) tears :) Nope :)

Larry Stylinson kiss. Larry is real.

Most iconic Larry moment, that's in fact NOT photo shopped<<<Oh my god yes thank you I love you