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Tips for keeping your current vehicle longer: Custom Vehicle Service Schedule Online

With winter upon us (a cold one for Arizona standards) we have to make the usual annual adjustments for life during the colder months. This applies to all areas of life, including our automobiles. Colder weather can wreak absolute havoc on your vehicle’s inner workings if you are not prepared and pr

Winter Wake-Up: Winterize You Car! #CarCare tips from

Low oil levels can increase wear to your vehicle's engine & even permanent damage. Use your #dipstick and check oil levels often!! Needing to add oil on a regular basis? Check you engine checked for leaks!

5 common vehicle dashboard maintenance lights and their meaning.

April is National Car Care Month: Time to Spring for Vehicle Maintenance by CarCare.Org

The free Car Care Guide has an expanded environmental awareness & fuel economy section to help you drive green and practice green #CarCare

Green tip #5: Think of your engine and maintain the cooling system. #CarCare

The proper tread helps you maintain your grip on the road. Some tires have indicators or wear bars (seen on the left) to help gauge wear. For an easy DIY check, use the #penny test! Remember, it is important to look for signs of uneven wear too. #CarCare

Check your tires before you hit the road! Easy, safe and green #CarCare