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Hope you Find Inspiration in these Words! Some Very Motivational, Inspiring, Funny and Romantic Travel Quotes for those that have Gypsy Souls at Heart. Please Share the Love of Travel. May these Quotes Find You! Travel Destinations and Places to see Catch a flight and elope to a whole other place! Hope you Enjoy the Inspiration, Free Spirit living Share with me some travel tips, tick down cities on your bucket list, Travel Hacks, Bring your travel journal with you to every d..

[Note to self: also sent to A. w/this msg: "This one is for your mom, dear Helen. I'm not even sure if she likes the beach, but I'm sure she can relate to the sentiment.

This is what white feminism looks like>>> hello? I'm white, the palest thing you'd ever set eyes on but I still believe in feminism, and not what they listed, don't generalise or stereotype

25 Ways to make a Woman fall in Love with You This is what white feminism looks like

I adore a good ‘one pot’ pasta recipe…because I absolutely hate doing the washing up! I know that washing dishes is a necessary part of doing a lot of cooking (which I do!) but th…

Creamy One Pot Cajun Chicken Pasta

Creamy One Pot Cajun Chicken Pasta - Syn Free - Slimming World - Recipe - Healthy - Low Fat - Cajun Spice - One Pot Pasta

Shoe Hacks that will make your feet smile

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If you don't feel 100% just come to this! This is also a really good phone background if you need a little reminder now and again

I tell the redhead in the mirror-I see her pale face, her tired eyes. She needs to know this, but nobody else is going to tell her.

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Canada.

The Best of Culture in Canada

Canada Travel Features - The Ultimate Travel Guide Infographic to Canada - See

Fatties off again is she!! Seeing i know you stalk my Pinterest do urself a favour and please fuck off before i print everything off and post it all over facebook so your friends can see what your really like!! Acting a victim for to long now my lovely!! You want to play games......lets play!! Im fed up of sitting down amd shutting up!!

For the stupid ass girls who try to fuck with a bitch woman. We already know your game, we made it. Fuck off.