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An hour less sleep

Daylight Savings Time - I hate going back and forth. Why can't we just settle in the middle?

Funny Work Anniversary Quotes - Profile Picture Quotes

A pinner posted: "I often find myself contemplating if punching you in the face would be worth losing my job. Most days the answer is yes." Is loosing your job worse than losing it?

Everyone's having babies and getting engaged and I'm just here studying for college

Not that being married or having Children is a bad thing it is pretty awesome as well but just for those moments when I get that look ohhh your single . Hahah working and going to college is awesome too :)

Unfortunately, that's about what I've been doing lately!

While I've been recovering from the flu, Diddly Squats have been a part of my daily exercise routine!

I added "NESSVILLE: Rules to live by" to an #inlinkz linkup!http://www.nessville.me/2015/07/rules-to-live-by.html

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