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Sunflower Julie Côté - August 2009

Sunflower Julie Côté - August 2009

I have had three people ask me in the last week how I made these flowers so I thought I would share again! These old maps are beautiful and came from my MI

How to: fold paper flowers

better picture of my horseshoe tattoo design by 3nViixx

Still proud of this one Didn't take me long at all! A better picture of my horseshoe tattoo design

"They're doing the very British pose of..." ---Love Tumblr users!

Dude, you have to see this

The very British pose of "holy fuck the sun is out, quick soak up as much as you possibly fucking can befo- oh fuck it, there's a cloud"

This picture is one of the sunflowers of Van Gogh. Just as Miranda's approach of trying to produce pictures that do not look realistic but can express her thoughts, Van Gogh as an impressionist artist, draws his sun flower by twisting the actual structure of the flower in a unrealistic way to convey his feelings of them.

Van Gogh expert sheds new light on lost sunflower paintings

Vincent Van Gogh - Vase with five sunflower Oil on canvas x cm. Arles: August, 1888 F JH 1560 Destroyed by fire in the Second World War

white shirt, black skinnies

Love the white blouse - need a denser fabric, with the same texture - a carefree washable fabric that seems organic, but is a blend.

Reminds me of riding my bike at my Grandmoms in her yard and fields.

Alice + Olivia Gets Their Shoe On (Video)