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If this is the start of something, then I wanna be a part of something.

I'm thinking about changing Abigale to a brunette. the person who would be her would most likely be the lady in the picture, Kaya Scoledario (I think that's how you spell it). what do you guys think?

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Her features are a bit sharper than Charlotte's, but in some photos where the personality leaks through, I see Charlotte in her.

Hello, sweetheart. Elizabella Easton is the name, murder is my game. Oops, did I say murder? Ignore my little slip up. I may be a rogue, but I expect you to treat me like a queen. I am /better than you/ and I shall be treated as such. I may seem sweet, if a bit sarcastic, but I'm not afraid to send you to an early death. Hopefully you don't go to hell, I don't want you ruining my throne there. Come say hello, but be careful the way you speak to me.

(Updated pic of Acapella) Her mate is Cobalt her son is Destiny she is a loving mother and a loving mate always wanting to keep her family safe