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Her love for dr interferes with her duty as a nurse. (Usually it's the clearing up after them that interferes with your duty... Or your break...)

By Florence K. Palmer, Cover illustration by Robert Maguire It was love at first sight when Surgical Nurse Sloane McBain met Dr.

Cherry Ames Night Supervisor (Cherry Ames #11). Julie Tatham. Illustrated by Frank Vaughn. Grossett and Dunlap, 1950. First edition. Original dust jacket. Cherry’s new post as the night supervisor at a small, financially strapped hospital brings her into conflict with a prominent patient.

Cherry Ames, Night Supervisor: "Now are you going to behave yourself tonight, Mr Chivers,or am I going to have to put the restraints on you again?" Chivers, under his breath: "I think you like strapping men down.

Sue Barton Staff Nurse

Sue Barton Staff Nurse Sue Barton Series Volume 7 Final Book in The Series - Helen Dore Boylston

Cherry Ames Veterans Nurse (Cherry Ames #6). Helen Wells. Grosset  Dunlap, Inc, 1945. First edition.

Cover Art from Cherry Ames, Veterans Nurse ~ the absorbing story of how Cherry restores health and hope to her patients in Graham General Hospital––and also solves the baffling mystery of the stolen medicine.