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Nightmare before christmas in real life photography and photoshop combined (jerry uelsmann)

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Night Before Christmas Box

Christmas Eve box. I always get Xmas pj's on Xmas eve, I will definitely do this with my family

Being in Limbo / 1st: No Face from Spirited Away 2nd: Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas 3rd: Iron Giant 4th: Kodamas-Princess Mononoke 5th: My Neighbour Totoro

My dear sweet friend Sally from "The nightmare before Christmas"...I favor her a bit! :)

Nightmare cake! Oh. My. Gosh. ... If I wanted my wedding to be darkish or like the movie, I would most definitely pick this as the wedding cake :3 Love how they put the quote on it <3

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35 Best Leg Tattoo Designs for Women

Great fucking idea why didn't I think about that? I want a Disney leg and I was gonna put nightmare on my opposite leg of my alice but why not put it on my calf on my Disney leg that's awesome!!!