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Most times haha

Most times haha

After the first 50!

This was me when I swam the 200 fly, then the 100 fly, and then a 50 fly in a 200 medley relay back to back to back.

ahahahahahahaha! So true! Don't know how many times I've said this!

That is SO true of swimmers! Completing sentences over the course of 30 min and 1600 meters!

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the older i get, the more i appreciate swimming moreso than when it used to be about times and placing

Swimming vs Cheerleading Cut Out zazzle_photosculpture

Cheerleaders are overrated and cheesy. swimmers actually look good << Agreed 💯 percent - Nepeta Winchester

haha all the time:)

Hahaha Eat my bubbles. Ya my teammate grabbed my ankles ( biggest pet peeve ) and I kicked really hard and popped a blister on her wrist. She whined the rest of practice.