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Fondant filled chocolates

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A Full Year - and more! - of Lunch Packing Ideas!!!

A whole year - hundreds! - of lunch packing ideas. Includes nut free lunches, gluten free lunches, kids lunches, adult lunches, breakfast for lunch, non-sandwich lunches, and more! Most are packed in @easylunchboxes. From

Yesterday I was chatting with my husband about how crazy the past two months have been. More than once Kelly and I have stopped what we were working on and looked at each other like "this is insane!" And the truth is, it has been a nuts holiday season. I couldn't quite figure out why until my husband pointed out that Kelly and I had, within 6 weeks, launched 7 crates! On November 20th we shipped out a YA, Picture, and Board book crate. We also launched our first limited edition crate in…