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Resultado de imagen para dibujo niña de espaldas cabello

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Fig.1: This is your brain: Inside are things worth living by. Fig.2: This is your heart. Inside are things worth dying for.

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"Breathtaking suddenly takes on a new meaning with this image."~Sethaka. "Fear of Death," posted to the website Confessions of a Funeral Director in the guest article, "Fear of Death: Even Funeral Directors Die" by Caleb Wilde.

Sometimes, I am always wondering in Hobie's head is as hard as a rock. If I was him,I am already in the ICU, ready for operation.

Even though we know this deep down, somehow we find it difficult to convince ourselves, especially when you're in a cycle of negative thinking.

(heart,brain,story of my life,philosophical,hearts are so stupid)

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