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Supplies pumpkin seeds orange, black, and green paint Elmer’s glue white sheet of paper (I used card stock…I love card stock paper!)

from Housing a Forest

Mummy Cards

Mummy CardsDIY Mummy Card: Burlap (I had some still left over from the Coffee Sack Art I created a while ago) Spray Adhesive Styrofoam Food Tray – or any hard surface to be used as the backing for your stamp. White Paint Googly Eyes Black and White Paper

from Martha Stewart

Pumpkin Lanterns

ake an ordinary paper lantern, dress it up with leaves, a stem, and tendrils, and it will assume a totally unexpected identity: a Halloween pumpkin. A few craft supplies are all you need to transform these inexpensive, light-as-air globes.Pumpkin Lantern How-To1. Download and enlarge the Leaf Template as desired; cut out, and trace onto green paper. Cut out.2. With white craft glue, attach a dark-green pipe cleaner to the leaf's center. For curly tendrils, spiral two brown pipe cleaners…