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sure that makes sense

The nationwide 2012 election polling has President Obama and Mitt Romney neck-in-neck: but what does this really mean? Obama and Mitt Romney are currently polling respectively at (Gallup), (Rasmussen), and so forth.

Left behind in Idaho

It would be so fun to make the quaint old church into a home . oh the possibilities .

I believe art and ethics are both essential, but that they do each other a disservice when they try to become one and the same.

Dracula Lives Interview with Bram Stoker's Descendant : Haunted : Travel Channel

Legit me omg

yep - oh my goodness, this is the funniest true thing I have found so far.<<<that's how I finish my sentences

The Girl Who (Monica Bielanko's blog)

The Girl Who (Monica Bielanko's blog)

There are so many wonderful people out there. We can all start right were we are at today, and work to be the best we can be.

The Book Of Teenage Posts [book 1] - #39

We really do still exist im one of them everyone thinks that all girls are either bad/punk, the partiers, or lazy people. the real girls don't do any of those things. We're outdoorsy, outgoing, and fun. YOU just have to get to know us