I got asked by a potential customer today if I could make a cupcake something like this... I asked her what she would be prepared to pay for it.  :P   This masterpiece was made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes.  This mindboggling single serving cupcake- yes, its a CUPCAKE- mixes the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci with a little steampunk and its just gorgeous.

The World’s Greatest Cupcake

It's a cupcake! DaVinci Steampunk Inspired Cupcake by Mike's Amazing Cakes

awesome cake So me Its Nature

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"Swamp Cake" by Sally Bratt of 'House of the Rising Cake' [Photo by ~House of the Rising Cake (still Surly)~ (Sally Bratt) July 18 House of the Rising Cake is centrally located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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