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Star Wars R2D2 & R2Q5 Salt & Pepper Shakers

New Superhero Merchandise

The Star Wars & Salt & Pepper Shakers is a great way to show off your love of Star Wars and decorate your kitchen with astromech power!

Star Wars R2D2 + Black Astromech Droid Salt & Pepper Shakers.. SERIOUSLY WHY DON'T I HAVE THESE YET???

Star Wars Droid Salt & Pepper Shakers

If you don't already have these funky Star Wars droid salt and pepper shakers then you're not a true Star Wars fan! Meet the and salt and pepper shakers.

cute and geeky salt and pepper shaker  http://rstyle.me/n/mda9ipdpe

Elemental, My Dear Shaker Set. You put your organic chemistry skills to good use while experimenting in the kitchen with this Erlenmeyer flask salt and pepper shaker set. I just want to add that Salt has a molecular formula.


King And Queen Checkmate Chess Ceramic Salt Pepper Shaker Magnetic Set Figurines

Gandalf and Saruman salt and pepper shakers. Lord of the Rings has officially permeated every aspect of our culture.

YOU SHALL NOT PASS - these salt and pepper shakers. Westland Giftware Magnetic Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, The Lord of The Rings Gandalf and Saruman, Set of 2

This Star Wars R2-D2 & C-3PO Spice Shaker Set is ready to accept your kitchen seasonings of choice.

Star Wars R2-D2 & C-3PO Spice Shaker Set

This Star Wars & Spice Shaker Set is ready to accept your kitchen seasonings of choice. It's perfect for dried celto to mix into that Life Day Bantha Surprise dinner or for a little cinnamon to top off your Dark Side Roast Coffee latte.

createforless:  Science Flask Salt and Pepper Shakers via The Art of Doing Stuff If you know a science nerd, you can get a head start on your Christmas presents. These sweet little shakers are just the right amount of chic and geek.


These Supernatural salt and pepper shakers.

27 Wonderfully Geeky Products You Never Knew Your Kitchen Needed

Chemistry Salt and Pepper Shakers

Chemistry Salt and Pepper Dispensers/Shakers Gifts for a science geek

Geeky Decorating - LEGO Salt and Pepper Shakers.. http://ournerdhome.com/geeky-home-decor/#more-632

Lego Salt and Pepper Shaker - Cool Stuff to Buy and Collect