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I couldn't visit Washington D.C. and not stop by the White House. I actually visit several monuments and would love to be able to plan a trip for TekStart students.

New Short Blonde Hairstyles 2013 – 2014

And I always will... You were stood by the building near the curb... Opposite the cathedral in York. I couldn't see you at first cause of the tourists ...but then I did. It was sunny, and the hair made your highlights in your hair really stand out. Your eyes looked amazing and I remember how my stomach knotted itself up when I saw you, the butterflies wouldn't stop and I could feel myself shaking... You were so perfect, I looked at you and fell in love all over again... Deeply, madly…

" The Bride of Frankenstein " Arthur K.Miller artist. Classic hollwood horror film posters / lobby cards

from House Beautiful

A Landmark Illinois House

designer Annie Brahler via House Beautiful

Great Quote - Wow, this is so true. So often we see people on the outside and we think their life is "perfect" The perfect mom, the perfect wife, the perfect housekeeper. There is not perfect, we all have our area of weakness and struggles. Don't compare! And Husbands need to remember this as well!!!

MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART TOKYO: Better known as MOT we couldn’t resist a trip inside, as the warmth of ATSUKO TANAKA’S multicoloured works make for a fascinating breather from the bleak weather. A retrospective of the late artists work, titled THE ART OF CONNECTING is on display until MAY 6TH, highlighting ATSUKO’S significance within the GUTAI movement.  by Vincent Levy

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About Time (2013)

About Time - Such a beautiful film.

Charlie Hunnam / Jax Teller, soa

His real name should be tyler holycrapyoursohotiloveyourmusclesandyourfaceanddefinatlyyou hoechlin