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What’s better than a science experiment that you can learn from and then enjoy the tasty results afterwards? In this experiment, you make your own rock candy, watching as the rock crystals grow each day. Plus, there’s an awful lot of chemistry behind candy making which serves as a great science lesson.

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10 Awesome Candy Experiments for Kids

Awesome Candy Science Experiments for Kids | Perfect for Fall Science with kids! Can't wait to try some of these. Froom @lemonlimeadv

Even if your area hasn’t experienced any snow this winter, you can still take advantage of this season and the teaching opportunities it has to offer. This experiment simple and fun for winter!

Building an Eco-Column Grow plants and watch animals thrive in a mini ecosystem! The eco-column demonstrates how the natural filtering system works in an ecosystem, life science experiment. Visit bottle biology for a list of plants, animals, and activities for your mini ecosystem.