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HARDBOUND009 - - HARDBOUND009 is a 30° rotated closed children’s book with a view looking down from above at approximately 45°.  This PSD Mockup renders your early stage sketches or final design concepts onto a hardcover children’s book which rests on a flat surface.  The thickness of the book is roughly 100 pages and is rendered as a closed book with basic highlights and shadows to help define the light source and depth.

HARDBOUND010 - - HARDBOUND010 is rendered at a 45° angle on a flat surface.  The PSD Mockup is a hardcover children’s book which has your artwork applied to the surface— great for marketing or student presentations where context is desired.  The book is modelled after a 200 page (double-sided) real-world children’s book and measures roughly 5.6inches wide by 8.2inches tall.  The mockup includes the basic set of shadows

HARDBOUND008 - - HARDBOUND008 is a front facing children’s hardcover book.  This PSD Mockup will apply your final designs or early stage proposal artwork onto a children’s hardcover book which is facing forward with a view looking down on the book from 45°.  The book appears to be laying on a flat surface due to the white background and shadow placement, however the shadows can be modified or removed and the background ca

HARDBOUND006 - - HARDBOUND006 is a child’s hardcover book rendered at 30° on a flat surface.  This PSD mockup renders your artwork or conceptual designs onto a product shot of a closed children’s book on a flat surface with the spine still in partial view.  The white background can be disabled to reveal the transparency around the mockup or it can be swapped out for your own background design.  The highlights and shadow

SOFTCOVER012 - - SOFTCOVER012 is a 300 page mockup of a common handbook manual. This PSD Mockup template is rendered flat on a hard surface with a 30° angle, the final shot looks down at your mockup from a 45°.

COMICBOOK015 - - COMICBOOK015 is a comic book or graphic novel product shot laying on a flat surface and rotated to 45°. This PSD Mockup renders your hand drawn sketches or final artwork onto an old media comic book mockup for presentation or marketing purposes.  The final rendered results simulate a clasic comic book or graphic novel with roughly 30-40 pages — the book is rendered closed therefore the back of the comic is not visibl

COMICBOOK002 - - COMICBOOK002 is a front view of a typical comic book rotated to 30°. This PSD Mockup renders your comic book artwork onto a standing, rotated front view comic book shot. This mockup can be used to render both graphic novels and the more traditional comic book — the difference is in the spine. A graphic novel is typically thicker and has a spine on which the name of the graphic novel and other details is printed. A

COMICBOOK008 - - COMICBOOK008 is a comic book with a 45° rotation. This PSD Mockup renders a sketch or final artwork onto a comic book rendered laying on a flat surface facing up.  The product is rotated to 45° to make the spine clearly visible and legible.  The final render has highlights and shadows applied that are easily modifiable — this Action will render your design whether or not it requires a spine design.

HARDBOUND002 - - HARDBOUND002 is a hardback children’s book which stands upright in portrait mode and faces forward.  This PSD Mockup stands at a 30° angle with a very small upward view making the book appear impressive to the viewer.  As a children’s hardcover book, the measurements are approximately 5.5 inches wide and 8.25 inches tall.  The thickness of the book, as alluded to by the width of the spine in this mocku

MAG009 - - MAG008 is a forward shot of a newsstand magazine positioned at 45°. This PSD Mockup template renders a faux-3D magazine product shot at 207 ~8 inches by ~10.8 inches high. This product mockup simulates a print magazine with roughly 150 pages in thickness.