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Karabair, © FAO. Karabair comes from the central Asian states Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. It's an old breed, developed out of steppe and desert horse crosses and they were known at least 2000 years ago. Today Karabair is divided in 3 types, basic, heavy and saddle horses. Heavy one has been used for meat production and as a draft but its numbers are diminishing. They're usually quite small, around 150 cm at withers and most common colors are black, bay and brown.

The Karabakh horse is an ancient mountain saddle breed from Karabakh in Azerbaijan. The breed is thought to be a cross-breeding of Akhal-Teke, Persian, Kabarda, Turkoman, and Arabian horse. It also influenced the development of the Russian Don horse in the 19th century. At present, the Karabakh is bred mainly in Azerbaijan’s Shaki region. There are less than 1,000 today!

Carolina Marsh Tacky is an old horse breed or type from South Carolina. Its ancestors were the imported Spanish horses and they were used for all duties horses could be used. Later the larger horses became more popular and in 50's the Spanish-related horses were thought to be extinct. Anyway, some Marsh Tackies were found and have been preserved since then. Marsh Tackies are smallish but balanced and strong horses. The most common colors are bay, black, grullo, dun and roans.