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Bet it already happened so now you're trying to bring me down with you. I still got love for you but fuck you.

U Fucked ur life, and life will Fuck with you. Also u Fucked with my life so I will Fuck with yours. Fuck you u worthless shit.

I don't know which board to put this in Whoever put the caption Same

I don't know which board to put this in<-- how bout your duck mask insecurities board, everyone has one

Image result for mike wheeler stranger things

Stranger Things - Mike and Eleven "friends do anything for eachother"

Somehow this post belongs to me now. And yalls comments are disgusting and this original caption made me gag. the comments about how they r 7 yrs apart or preteens. hes not going after ILLEGAL. kstans r fucking disgusting.

Yugyeom - Seriously I can't! As if the torture wasn't bad enough as it was. This is noona-slaying at its finest. This boy deserves a prize.

About the time I think I want to date a guy, I rationalize & consider every angle as to why it's a terrible decision. Eventually, I'll talk myself out of it & move on with my life. #INTJ #Capricorn

Guys are assholes. They make you feel so damn special then later break your heart with no reason. Play fucking games, I fucking dare you.