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I had a big emotional well- thought - out caption, but then i accidentally deleted it. Story of my life.

(Gay rp for bar owner) "Just shut up and dance Johnson." He snaps and I grumble as i huff and swing myself up on the pole.The owner of this place was so rough on us here,but..i kinda liked him..even though he throws insults at how i move on the pole nearly every second.I just..couldn't help but be fascinated by him.I guess it sounds weird,I shake it off as i work my butt off on stage.

Pay attention to me!! ••••(KO) Precious little face. I'll bet his human picked him up and gave him snuggles and kisses. He deserves them!

What do you mean "still"?? This is one of the most beautiful love stories EVER, let alone a better one than Twilight!!