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Making garlic oil for ear infections

Garlic oil is a staple in our house especially during the cold season. Here is how to make garlic oil. Remove the garlic from the oil and your garlic oil is now ready to be used.

Garlic Oil For Ear Infections: Why You Should Make Your Own

Garlic oil for ear infections: cloves of garlic crushed and mixed with 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Steep for 30 minutes, strain and apply drops in each ear every hour for a few days.

Homemade GOOT - Garlic oil ointment treatment - Strong enough for you & safe enough for babies. Better than Vicks VapoRub! - thecrunchymoose.com

GOOT - Garlic Oil Ointment Treatment

Natural ear infection fighter ~~ plus other stuff! Lavender oil is amazing stuff!

Lavender Oil for Ear Infection

Home remedy ear infection? Antibiotics are usually prescribed for ear infections. But what if the cause is not bacterial? Bacterial or not, coconut oil can kill

Home Remedy Ear Infection: Coconut Oil Kills Much More Than Just Bacteria


How to make Garlic Oil Ointment (GOOT) when you have any kind of infection (cold, fungus etc)

Livin' In The Green: Garlic Ear Oil Remedy: Does It Really Work?

Livin' In The Green: Garlic Ear Oil Remedy: Does It Really Work? Pretty sure Liam's got an ear infection.

How I Cured My Son's Ear Infection... Naturally |

Healthy Roots, Happy Soul: How I Cured My Son's Ear Infection.

Good way to treat ear infections without antibiotics

Needs a fact check still: Amazing Ear Infection remedy. You'll know if there is an infection and treat it at the SAME TIME. Pinning and reading later need to check this out.

Natural Treatment for Ear Infection

Natural treatment for ear infections (garlic oil and lavender oil)