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Oakton, Virginia

Astonishing rise of so very precious imperial animal, humans, on the last days in the evolutionary tree of living earth.

The relationship between religion and science is a centuries old dialogue that is still on going. So is the Nature Vs Nurture Debate, on going...

How & Why Forestry Industry of Virginia can help bring community vitality to USA & Italy Community Twining Demo 01

Experience the culture and food flavors of France Alsace at Fairfax VA Gourmet Restaurant . Restaurant owner a friend of John Monsul as featured in a recent Communicating Today TV Show. Please click on Brian's photo above to hear a brief music presentation relating to this topic.

Prelude to Our Journey East to Waldenthree Twin near Cochin, India. A Promised Land By Sea.. A On Going Conversation and Dialogue at Fairfax Underground Community Forum at Metro DC Hub. Welcome Older Wiser Learned Engnineers and Scholars (OWLES !) at your community and mine. Please click on photo to come to our ongoing forum at Fairfax VA, Hometown USA.

Oakton, Virginia

We have to make the imaginative and unsettling leap into understanding that agriculture and industries have put nothing into the basic wiring.... of the human animal . We are wired for hunting—the emotions, excitements, the curiosities, the regularities, and social relationships that were needed in the hunting way of life. Lionel Tiger & Robin Fox, The Imperial Animal, (Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1971)

Philo of Alexandria (20 BC - 50 AD) was a near contemporary of Paul the Apostle (5 AD -67AD) and Peter The Appostle (1 BC (best estimate)-67 AD...