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The first heat of the Dog Olympics 5M Doggie Paddle event at

Chewbacca makes a surprise guest appearance at open day

Morning Surf. San Diego California - dog show, future C3 Club, host a dog show, dogs, animals, pets, proud pet owner, canine, c3 dogs, dog registry, champion canine club, doggie, puppies

Holly and Willow could be the Queen's last Corgis

The Queen's current dogs, Holly and Willow, both nearing 13, are the 14th generation of Su...

Red Fox, by F.T. McKinstry. A great deal of rich and intriguing lore surrounds the fox. Clever, graceful and elusive, the fox is said to rule the in-between realms, such as dawn and dusk, or the edges of forests and open land. It has a natural ability for camouflage, invisibility and shapeshifting. The fox in this painting stands watch on the edge of a deep woodland meadow.