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Green Day - Ordinary World Lyrics and Quotes Where can I find the city of shining light In an ordinary world? How can I leave a buried treasure behind In an ordinary world? The days into years roll by It's where that I live until I die Ordinary world

Disney - Tron - "Then one day... Something extraordinary happened... A miracle."

Time has finally became free for me in the last few days and so this is my little contribution for the movie "Tron Legacy". It's a quote from Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), talking about the "GRID"

From one of my favorite pj songs.  Present Tense.

"Makes much more sense to live. In the present tense." Present Tense -Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam

"Sirens," Pearl Jam lyrics This song has so much meaning to me right now.Ever since this song came out, I have been in love with it.