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This is the type of girl I'm looking for.

That sounds about right.


Decisions are tough…

Haha this is awesome

from Etsy


Because at all levels, this is true. (Love is a risk that's worth taking... *even when it ends in more hurt than you imagined.* I believe that with all my heart.)

I usually think that perhaps it has been dropped a few times and whatever is inside it would be crumbled or broken. Not to mention I imagine that a lot more hands have touched the front one. Eeewww!


Stop interrupting me…



My plans in the morning…

haha so true!

I am currently unsupervised. I know, it freaks me out too. But the possibilities are endless. ...this is exactly how I feel right now...LOL!!

from BuzzFeed

10 Of The Whiniest Ever First World Problems

why is it always this way?