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Dr. Benjamin S. Carson

Ben Carson on giving

Dr. Benjamin S. Carson

Dr. Benjamin Carson on Success! preach!!!!!

Dr. Benjamin Carson on Success

Benjamin Carson on Success as it should be instead of the current standard.

Dr. Benjamin Carson's Stirring Speech at CPAC 2013 - Complete Video 3/16/13.  Awesome guy! Why doesn't he talk about race?  "Because he's a neurosurgeon." How absolutely refreshing to hear! He's just such a regular dude,doesn't need to prep a fancy speech,  just gets up on stage, tells it like it is AND speaks common sense - all without a teleprompter! We could use some of that in DC, don't you think?

Ben Carson (neurosurgeon, philanthropist and man of God) speaking about common sense/awesome ideas for our country. "Even as a lowly brain surgeon." funny guy, too.

Obama comes from a community organizer background where it's us against them. But that's NOT who we are and that's NOT the position the leaders of our nation should take. ~ Dr. Benjamin Carson

quote by Dr. Benjamin Carson That is so true Dr. Carson, and Obama lacks the experience of managing anything not even a Burger King.

Dr. Benjamin Carson Weighs In With Common Sense on The Sequester With Sean Hannity - 3-1-13

Benjamin Carson reveled on Fox News'"Hannity" that before his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast he was instructed by an Obama official to “not offend the President” with his remarks.

Republican presidential primary long shot Dr. Ben Carson appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday. Carson defended the president, as well as his Christian beliefs.  In response to criticism that President Barack Obama was too inexperienced to take office, Carson broke with the popular conservative view. He called the criticism inaccurate, saying the president "wanted to accomplish fundamental change in America, [and] I think he's done quite a bit of that and he seems to know how to…

Hopefully the future president of the United states Dr. Benjamin Carson At National Prayer Breakfast [Video]

When They Asked Him How He’d Handle ISIS, Ben Carson Gave the Best Response Ever

How would a real leader stamp out the plague that is ISIS? Ben Carson gave a brilliant response to that very question, which is basically the exact opposite of what

Stop Obama's Iran Deal: https://www.bencarson.com/landing/iran-deal/page-fbad/?sc=iranpet4

Ben Carson Attacked by PC Police About His Unauthorized Nazi Reference Under Democrat President

‘PRAY for them!’ – Ben Carson responds to childish ‘hate-filled’ GQ article » The Right Scoop -

Ben Carson Responds to GQ Article: There's a 'More Productive Way to Conduct Oneself'