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Gargoyles Sketch Prompts by YoukaiYume

Gargoyles Sketch Prompts by YoukaiYume

Faora Armor

Kryptonian Gothic by DerekL on deviantART

Xeno variations

Xenomorph Ox and shark not sure how much i like some elements but they have potential

Goliath, ryan  lang on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/goliath-0d400431-33d9-4341-979b-abedd10c0026

Goliath from Gargoyles. You have no idea how badly I want Disney to make Gargoyles an animated feature. I’m on a personal mission to remind people how awesome this show was. You’d be surprised how.

Goliath and Elisa from Disney's Gargoyles season 3 The Goliath Chronicles episode: The Journey

Goliath with Elisa together. Elisa is wearing a light blue dress. Goliath and Elisa were supposed to go on a nice romantic date since they're a couple now.

6 major Game of Thrones season 7 complaints answered

MORENA BACCARIN  BRAZIL-USA... actress who moved from rio to new york when she was ten.has played in various sci fi tv series such as "firefly","stargate" and "V." currently co-stars in "homeland."

MORENA BACCARIN, BRAZILIAN living in the USA. This actress moved from Rio de Janeiro to New York when she was 10 years old. She has played in various TV series such as "Firefly","Stargate" and "V." She currently co-stars in "Homeland.