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Paper lanterns!

Paper lanterns as mobile

Keep little hands occupied with these fantastic ideas for quiet boxes. Perfect for when you need a little time or nap time was too short. Via Flower Ramblings

Quiet Boxes for Little Ones

Quiet Boxes for Little Ones from Wildflower Ramblings. By being able to to sit and play with the quiet boxes during nap time or quiet classroom time.

Temporary tattoos for kids? Really? Or hey, just keep up with your kid. There's an idea.

30 Insanely Easy Ways To Make Your Road Trip Awesome

For all Moms. Temporary tattoos for kids for when you are on vacation, or amusement park. Provides ID/contact info if lost. or drunk friends who get tend to get lost.

Making Boys Men: Bashing baked cotton balls (goggles optional!)

Making Boys Men: Bashing baked cotton balls (goggles optional!) A site for boy fun and activities

Top 10 - Manners Your Kid Should Know By Age 5- This is a good start for young kids, but there are so many more to add to this list.

10 Manners Your Kid Should Know by Age 5

The Top 10 manners your kid should know by the age of This is SO very true ! I wish more parents would listen to these very common words of wisdom ! My kids WILL have manners!

Must make this!

Parenting in all its glory (19 photos)

Time Out Chair Poem: Boys will be boys, or so they say. But I'm raising my boys to be men one day. Shouting is not nice and kicking hurts; Nobody likes their face in the dirt. So boys that fight, kick, and shout; Will be boys that sit in TIME OUT!

Blocks are fun, but can sometimes be heavy and loud (especially when a younger child is trying to sleep). Use pool noodles to make your own "quiet blocks"!

DIY Quiet Blocks

Sawing practice and making a gift for younger children.DIY Quiet Blocks With Pool Noodles - outdoor classroom. Pool noodles aren't too expensive are they?

Reward Points System and Home "Store" - The Idea Room. Love this idea!

Reward Points System and Home "Store"

A reward points system to help motivate kids to do chores happily, quickly, and well. Kids earn points to shop at the "family store" Points can also be earned for positive behavior, sharing, helping and good manners.