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Emerson College in Los Angeles, California, by Thom Mayne - Morphosis Architects

Scotland. Beneath the City Chambers on the Royal Mile lies Edinburgh's deepest secret - a warren of hidden streets where real people lived, worked and died between the 17th and the 19th centuries. These underground closes and witness some of the dramatic episodes and extraordinary apparitions from this site's fascinating and historically rich past. #Edinburgh #Scotland

For centuries, cultures and religions have been fascinated with the concept of archangels and angels. They are described by a multitude of religious faiths and cited in many spiritual doctrines. …

History is filled with folklore about cats. One of the most charming stories comes from Russia. They say that if there is at least one cat on the roofs of any town, it means angels are there to protect all those who live there. Painting by Vladimir Rumyantsev.

Photo-manipulation artist Michael Oswald transforms ordinary photographs into fantastical illustrations that are infinitely more interesting than reality. This illustration makes me question life, the way the world is simultaneously shifting between the "real", and the "fantasy" right before our very eyes. A feeling I would like to set across on my upcoming book cover, maybe? I'm fascinated.

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