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I would love a doula necklace! Ive wanted one that says- Helping Hands Doula

Personalized Birth Necklace - Handstamped Sterling Silver Custom Necklace - Doula Gift - Midwife Gift - New Baby Gift -

During a contraction the pressure is equalised throughout the fluid rather than directly squeezing the baby, placenta and umbilical cord. This protects the baby and his/her oxygen supply from the effects of the powerful uterine contractions. When the membranes have ruptured the placenta and baby get compressed during a contraction.

Artificial rupture of membranes (ARM) aka ‘breaking the waters’ is a common intervention during birth. However, an ARM should not be carried out without a good understanding of how the amniotic sac and fluid function in labour.


Doula Sterling Silver Necklace by moonovermaize on Etsy

Doula Necklace on Etsy, $36.00

Doula/Midwife Necklace by AnicaDesigns on Etsy

This necklace is the product of a design that has been in my mind for some time. I have carefully designed and soldered this filigreed necklace to resemble the shape of a pregnant woman with a heart in her belly. Remember the way that tiny life inside you fluttered like a butterfly? Suspended fr

This necklace was the product of a design that was in my mind for some time.I have carefully designed and soldered this filigreed necklace to resemble the sha

I would pack some but not all of these things, but it's definitely interesting to get ideas...

What’s in Your Doula Bag?

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth (better at resolving disputes with caregivers than talking from the doula) by Henci Goer,