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And when you feel the urge to get back together (because, you probably will), remember why you broke up.


-Say "NO" to the "Say No to Size Zero" Champaign- Can we look beyond weight and shape? Love each other, applaud each other and stop judging each other? When someone is happy with their own body, they usually don’t feel the need to belittle someone else’s


Haha! That's what I did today,I distracted ppl with my pink tennis shoes,and got a compliment on them...I hope it worked,and they arent talking about what a hot mess I was :/

Illustrates the possibility of a skill deficit in timing, topic or appropriate context for joking. "Just kidding" may be an attempt to divert punishment, correction, scoffing, etc. Opportunity for skill teaching appropriate timing, content and audience.

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: Often I convince myself I enjoy the company of other humans. Then I spend time with them and remember I don't. funny,Funny E-Cards,Funny Random,Funny shit,Funny stuff,Its Funny Cause Its True,LM

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