Mchicha - Tanzanian Spinach & Peanut Curry. from   								Mchicha is a very traditional dish in Tanzania & can be made like this with peanut butter - homemade or natural is best - or it can be made with a whole coconut (grated flesh & milk) instead. Posted for ZWT 4.

Mchicha - Tanzanian Spinach & Peanut Curry

Tanzanian Spinach & Peanut Curry RECIPE - change butter to coconut oil and it's dairy free

Peanut butter adds a savory richness and depth to many of my favorite dishes from around the globe. Among them is this stew, which uses peanut butter to round out the acidity of the tomatoes and pair up with the sweet potato. You’ll be surprised how comforting this savory stew is—it’s rich, simple, and a must for the peanut fan in all of us.

African Chicken Peanut Butter Stew

African Chicken Peanut Butter Stew by Caroline Wright from The Wright Recipes peanut-butter-and-co-recipes

Malawian spiced chicken curry - simple and spicy.

A good curry is a pretty wondrous thing. From the shores of Lake Malawi a delectable Chicken Curry

African chicken curry recipe voted best recipe by Food June 2013

Spicy African chicken stew

African chicken curry recipe voted best recipe by Food June 2013 minus the chickennn

Crab and Shrimp Etoufee

Crab-and-Shrimp Étouffée

30 New Orleans Classics for Mardi Gras -You dont have to visit the Big Easy to enjoy its legendary Cajun and Creole flavors. Plan your Mardi Gras party with these classic recipes for appetizers, drinks, main dishes, and desserts. CRAB-AND-SHRIMP ETOUFFEE

Algerian Tli Tli B djedj - Pasta With Chicken! from 								This is our family recipe for the very traditional Algerian dish  tli tli. You can make tli tli with chicken or meat - the meat recipe is slightly different. You can use any tiny pasta for this but traditionally homemade tli til pasta OR orzo / bird's tongue that is used.

Algerian Tli Tli B'djedj - Pasta With Chicken