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Afghan gold

Gold bowl with bearded bulls from Tepe Fullol, BC. This fragment was part of a large group of gold and silver vessels found at Tepe Fullol in northern Afghanistan.

جامی زرین عهد هخامنشیان  Pre-Achemanid Golden Rython(Metropolitan Museum)

Cup with a frieze of gazelles Period: Iron Age II Date: ca. early millennium B. Geography: Northwestern Iran, Caspian region Medium: Gold The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Applique known as Aphrodite of Bactria  (Tillya Tepe tom) 1st.century BC  Gold and turquoise  National Museum of Afghanistan

Gold Figurine 'Bactrian Aphrodite,' Century CE -- Excavated on the Tillia Tepe, Northern Afghanistan in 1978

Gold cast figure of a bull 1st C. BCE Bactria or Gandhara India

Gold cast figure of a Bull - Bulls often symbol is god or Zeus, from Bactria or Gandhara Culture in India, circa c.

Earring. Etruscan, 6th century BC Gold.

Earring. Etruscan, 6th century BC Gold.

Scythian gold, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg | Tours, Shore Excursions and Land Programs in St. Petersburg

Spherical Vessel with Relief Scenes from Scythian Life BC Kul Oba Barrow, Bosporan Kingdom Kerch Gold, chased

Hair decoration Afghanistan, Tillia tepe, tomb III 1st century. Gold Ø 7.5 cm Musée National d’Afghanistan

Hair decoration from Afghanistan, Tillia tepe, tomb III, century.