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At This Gallery, the Alien Queen Loves Popsicles and RoboCop Is a Cabbie | Underwire | Wired.com

Awesome Poster Art Featuring Classic 1988 Movies - News - GeekTyrant

The main characters include Moomintroll, his parents, Moominmamma and Moominpappa, Snufkin, Little My, and the terrifying Groke.

24 Things You May Not Know About The Moomins

A quick reminder: The Moomins are a fairytale family of Finnish “trolls” who have adventures with their friends and neighbours in Moomin Valley.

Derek Henning - Astronautes

Jewish Cosmonauts Take To The Hazy Skies

Inspired by Soviet-era technology and Jewish symbols, Derek Stenning has created a series of paintings in which retro-outfitted cosmonauts travel the skies of an industrial future.

Dave Cooper + Adventure Time is a match made in heaven.

Dave Cooper + Adventure Time is a match made in heaven. One of my fave piece of fan art in a long while. Fred (Thanks!

Splendid Illustrations by Ken Wong

by Ken Wong (aka Ken-Sanada) is an Australian artist, illustrator and designer (Adelaide, Australia)

#Buffering #humor

A modern internet version of the biblical plagues of Passover. View "The Ten Internet Plagues" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor


This morning we thought we would take a look back at the work of Ottawa-based artist Dave Cooper before. Dave enjoyed a successful career in the Ameri.

artist | Ken Wong

Ken Wong is an artist/illustrator/designer from Adelaide, Australia. He currently works as an Art Director at a computer game studio called Spicy Horse, in