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Quick because it took less than an afternoon. Dirty because-- if you have ever worked with fur, you know why. My hands got stanky. Here is my mink: I bought it for a steal at an antiques warehouse in Door County. The pelts are soft and supple, and something terrible had happened to the lining. I like to think that the minks came alive one night and rebelled against their satin captor. Or maybe it got caught on a coat hook, I really don't know. But it drove the price to the floor, and a torn…

Wow he has Mickey Mouse on his back just like my JRT Harry when he was young, his has merged a bit as he's grown but you can still see it ;-) All JRT's are so unique and loveable xx

This is a "chimera"cat. Unlike a Janus mutation, the eye color is merged-one eye color from each parent. This happens often in cats.