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Maths Grade 2

Part 2 of this lesson has more patterns for you to recognize! The more you learn the better! Have fun spotting these patterns. You'll love part 2 of patterns.

Living in America, it's hard to teach the metric system to middle schoolers and get them to understand , have them realize how important lea...

Math-n-spire: Metric System Mini-Olympics {Math Lab} LOVE doing math labs!

"Play free cool math, geography, language arts, typing, and word games to help reinforce your skills.  And then head on over and play some of our other fantastic physics, logic, and action games."

free multiplayer and single player math, geography and language arts games to help reinforce your skills

time posters A4 and A3 pdfs

time posters and pdfs

Grade 1 - Learn Maths - Time and Routine

There is time for everything. If you notice carefully, there are things that you do all through the day regularly at the same time. Now, that is a routine.

Grade 1 - Learn Maths - Data Handling

You've got some data with you. Which means you have some information or facts with you. How do you sort them out? That's exactly what you'll learn in data ha.

Grade 3 - Learn Maths - Times goes on (Part 1)

Grade 3 - Learn Maths - Times goes on (Part

Grade 2 - Learn Maths - How much can you carry

Weight is what makes things heavy or light. The heavier it gets the harder to carry. and the lighter it gets the easier to carry. Let's see how much Neena ca.

Hopscotch for Mathematical Concepts

LOVE the idea of tossing counters and making numbers based on where the counters land. The numbers can be used to build addition and subtraction problems or to practice greater than and less than.

Grade 2 - Learn Maths - Long and Round

Let's look at things that are long and round. You'll definitely get the idea now! Long and round is a less.

Grade 1 - Learn Maths - Numbers From 11 to 20

Let's count from 11 to How exciting! You don't have than many fingers to count, though.

Definitely doing this year...with a stress on expository writing traits and adjectives

A fun note writing activity with students! During the month of February, they get to write nice notes to each other {when they finish their work}. At the end of the day, we pass the notes out. I like the system so everyone gets a note.