Clutter-Free Classroom: Attendance and Lunch Card Charts - classroom management series

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marbles hot glued onto magnets...can use for attendance, monitoring who is out of the room, etc..

This teacher assigned each student a number and had them move their magnet to their lunch choice for the day. It doubles as an attendance tool and much more. Maybe pictures instead of numbers?

Taking attendance questions - I do this every day, but always run out of good questions about 2/3 of the way through the year!

TAKING ATTENDANCE/ BELL WORK. Tips for taking attendance while students are working on bell work. 0231 Good idea for a question of the day during morning meeting!

50 award ideas along with a FREE, printable end-of-the-year certificate that can be adapted to your needs...  :-)

Here are some ideas to ensure that your classroom awards assembly is a fun, positive, and rewarding experience for all.

Behavioral Issues???

Post This is as close as it gets to a miracle solution for students' behavior problems, it's completely free, and it only takes 2 minutes a day.

Instead of striving for useless junk, the kids strive for acknowledgement of good behavior. When a child reaches outstanding at the end of the day, we add a star sticker to the clip and I give them a label to take home. When they earn 5 stickers they get a new clip and color it red. We repeat the process in "rainbow order" meaning they then work to earn an orange clip, etc. The ultimate goal is the coveted "glitter clip."

A lot of work but really clever Behavior clip chart. When a student is at the top level at the end of the day, they get a sticker on their clip. After a full clip, they get a colored clip, in rainbow order. The ultimate goal is a glitter clip!