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Linus & Snoopy - Dogs Accept People For What They Are.love my dog!

My pit bull licks my face all the time. Puppy kisses are the best!

I have an American bulldog (pretty sure she's part pit) who only wants to cuddle but she scares everyone. YES!


Enjoy our 15 all-time favorite animal selfies. We hope they’ll not only put a smile on your face, but also offer you a good laugh.

This one's for my ex boss, Doug, and his awesome Vet wife - Carolyn, who is a rescuer

Dogs mid-shake - So, this is pretty spectacular. Some of these look almost as crazy as the "Dogs Underwater" shots. Dogs and their ridiculous faces.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Yes, some kindred spirit in England has started a Biggest Loser competition for fat pets. Lets meet our contestants: This is Fifi. She was starved as a kitten and now has an addiction to food. She weighs 21 pounds.