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English worksheet: compound words dominoes

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Worksheets: Compound Words

Compound Words

Challenge your beginning reader to practice making compound words! He'll match one set of words with another set to create a list of compound words.

Compound Word Worksheet- Perfect for centers!

Compound Word Worksheet- Perfect for centers

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{{FREEBIE}}Contraction Cut and Paste. Grade levels: 3 & This is a simple worksheet designed to reinforce a lesson that has been taught about contractions. Students simply cut out the contractions and paste them next to the matching words.

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Compound Words Worksheets and Activities Mega Pack

What I like about this worksheet is that it shows pictures of what the words are before they are combined. Part of making compound words is combining two completely different words to create a new word, and this illustrates just that.

compound words worksheet 1

Compound Words Worksheet 1

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