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i wish i could of been there

Winter birdies What do you think of when I say winter? Here is the list of things that pop into my head: A lot of fluffy, sparkling snow Winter holidays and waiting for a miracle Ice skating and downhill skiing Cozy evenings at home with a cup of hot tea and homemade cookies Bright and clear stars in the night sky Cold mornings and frost patterns on a window Puffed-up birdies and snowflakes falling softly

'See Evans, I told you my friends and I were pretty cool' "Honestly Potter get over yourself, I'm only here for the free food and watching Sirius make fun of you" -1975

This is a picture taken out of space, the environment looks calm and quite, and if you picture your self here you wouldn't imagine to see anyone around.

I remember it well. The day I realised I no longer had antidepressants in my system. It was as clear as day.

"i want look like royalty the day of our wedding" i say My fiancee looks at me confused. "You don't think i should?" I ask "No it's not that he says, it's just that will be difficult." He answers I widen my eyes and say furiously What?! You don't think it's possible?! Asshole! He seemed scared but then chuckled and says No it's not that at all, it's just you already are a queen so what more do you want? He says sweetly walking towards me. I scoff with a tear rolling down my cheek and.......

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