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Spanish for Nurses
10 Phrases Every Nurse Should Know in Spanish - The Nerdy Nurse
Are you a health professional like a doctor, nurse or medical/nursing student? Check out this list of Medical Terminologies & Phrases for Health Professionals guide. Learn and review on the go! Use Quick Review Spanish Study Notes to help you learn or brush up on the subject quickly. You can use th
Considering your NP or DNP? Here’s some helpful info about the benefits/salary/time commitment/job opps etc. #nursing
Spanish for Nurses
Murphy's Laws of Nursing I think Pam has mentioned all of these at least once since she graduated from nursing school...
Easy ways to study Medical Spanish for free. See the full blog post at: http://commongroundinternational.com/medical_spanish/4-tips-to-study-medical-spanish/
With the hope to fulfill you with in-depth comprehension of basic nursing skills, 400 Free CNA Practice Exam Questions and Answers on Basic Nursing Fundamental Skills is created as a sufficient collection of free CNA exam questions and answers turning around the fundamental techniques a CNA must have to complete their jobs effectively.
Six free medical spanish tutorials on vimeo.
QD Memes - QD Nurses - NCLEX Flash Cards to Help You on Your Next Exam