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Moon n star Gradient Nails!

Gradient nails are very trendy right now. Achieve this fashionable look by viewing the Starry Sky Gradient Nails Tutorial.

DIY Nail Ideas From Cirque Du Soleil And More Of Our Manicures ...

Cirque Du Soleil Nail Art That Brings On The Drama

Double Gradient Mesh - China Glaze Cirque du Soleil Nail Art China Glaze Def Defying China Glaze Igniting Love China Glaze Escaping Reality China Glaze Hanging In the Balance

31DC2012: Day 09, Rainbow Nails

31DC2012: Day 09, Rainbow Nails

Nail secret from Chalkboard Nails: If you use more than two colors, paint directly on the sponge, and then apply to nails. Don't dab the polish off wax paper!

Love the colors

Polka dot turquoise and lavender summer For more fashion and wedding inspiration visit

Pink & White Sugar Spun Mani

Pink & White Sugar Spun Mani

Hand Painted Disney Nails!

I wanted to do this before our trip to Disney but couldn't find them or how to do it.

DIY - bagues nail art carrées

DIY - bagues nail art carrées

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Darling Diva Ménage à Trois over A-England Camelot

It's very snowy outside so no chance of going out! I have here Darling Diva Ménage à Trois layered over A England Camelot. Ménage à Trois is a part of the

Autumn week - Enchanted forest

Autumn week - Enchanted forest

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Harley Quinn Nail Art at The Nailasaurus. How to tell you're a nail-painting master: when you actually do SHADING on Harley Quinn's face.

Superheroes Challenge: DC Villain...Harley Quinn

thenailasaurus: “The Nailasaurus: DC Villain… Harley Quinn! Love these!