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Words to Comfort those in need - In Memory & Sympathy

Lost 4 grandparents in the month of September .. Looking through photos knowing how blessed I was to have met them all x

.Close your eyes, take a deep breath in, filling your lungs with love, now breath out, nice and slowly, ok it's time....MAKE A WISH

Friday's FAB 5

Feast of Beltane Long ago, Celts celebrated Beltane, which was a calendar feast that welcomed summer. Bonfires figured largely into this celebration, and some activities included dancing around the fire, burning effigies of witches(?), and herding cattle in between bonfires. Fire was seen as a purifying source. In recent years, neopagans have begun to celebrate Beltane once more.

As said in From Nature, children not only look at the sun but let it shine through their hearts. To be a Transcendentalist you should experience nature as a child does.