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LifeStraw Emergency Water Filter

▶ LifeStraw Personal 'Water Filter' (emergency preparedness) YouTube (Preppers & Survivalists) Emergency Equipment. Basic survival gear. "Better to have and not need, then to need and not have."

How to Filter Rainwater for Drinking

emergency water filtration and household drinking water filtration for cistern and rain harvesting systems

Water Bath & Pressure Canning Recipes - I thought that if you could see what you could can before you plant, it may help you decide on what you actually want to grow this year! I know I always do some research and try and grow different foods because I LOVE to can the food for emergency situations.

After lots of research, we went with a Big Berkey water filter for our home and I love it — the filters last forever and can be scrubbed, they don’t need to hook up to anything, they require no power, they filter tons of impurities and can make even dangerous water safe to drink. And the water tastes really good.

You could add a filter to the to of the gutter for clean drinkable water for emergency or urban survival situations