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"Pouca sinceridade é uma coisa perigosa, e muita sinceridade é absolutamente fatal." Oscar Wilde

funny quote photo: Sarcasm - because beating the shit out of people is illeagal!


I LOVE YOU When I' m bored, I send a text to a random number saying "I hid the body." No i dont fuck y

Im not very nice when im hungry.

39 New Funny Quotes You're Going To Love. Hell hath no fury when I'm slightly inconvenienced and hungry

26 Funny and Snarky Quotes A pretty good combination, you have to say. I’m pretty resourceful and I think of all of my options. Alcohol is one of them. I’m going to be fine but…. There’s no crying with MAC mascara! I’ll take $50 too. Please don’t test my threats. And loving it!  My …

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Mombie® Defined shirt (crew neck) Charcoal

Happy mothers day images for mum from son and daughter! Here the picture says mombie!

... sigh ...

My inner fat girl

ain't this the truth. ain't this the truth. ain't this the truth.

Haha remember it well

funny quote texting wasn't always easy you had to work for it you need an s you better click that 7 button four times

my mom couldnt find my trumoet, but on the other hand we think it was stolen

Nothing is really lost until mom can't find it. So true ! My mom can find any thing that i have lost!

Aww... thats cute compared to me... cuz when im mad i am FUCKING SATAN HIMSELF.

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Job & Work quote & saying Truth is, I just can't stop smiling. The quote Description Truth is, I just can't stop smiling.

The biggest lie I tell myself is "I don't need to write that down. I'll remember it."

I don't need to write it down --- so true, so true. Actually I don't tell myself that anymore, I HAVE to write it down!

This is just the best

Don't break any shit. Do not hit people with shit. Don't act like a little shit. Do not fight over shit. Don't touch other people's shit. But most importantly. Don't make me lose my shit.