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Raise the bunting – throwing a pity party for one

Sometimes I just want to hibernate and throw a pity-party for one. We all have days like this no? Link/Pic takes you to #blog post,Raise The Bunting - Throwing A Pity-Party For One about feeling sorry for oneself whilst mid #flare. The joys of a #spoonie. Link: madamward.wordpre... Pic not mine.

'Give me a gun and I'll do you Oslo-style': What English Defence League supporter allegedly wrote about Asians on Facebook

When oh when will I ever learn? < Never, that novel isn't going to write itself.<<< that is what life is

The 5 Things Successful People Do in The Morning [infographic]

infographic: the 5 habits of highly successful people they do before 8 am. FIVE Things Super Successful People Do Before 8AM

Sleeping - the best thing ever! (At least in the mornings and middays at night - stay up ;D)

i was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning i break my legs, and every afternoon i break my arms. At night, I lid awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.