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Kids draw the parts of the story on it on sticky notes and place them on the retell/comprehension chart. Three little pigs

What a great retell/comprehension interactive/anchor chart to create with the class. They love seeing their work go up on the chart and it is great for their comprehension.

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Rock Your Blocks Center!

My daughter has one of the best kindergarten teachers imaginable. She is caring, patient, and so imaginative. Her activities seem to seamle.

Are you planning a pirate themed classroom or thematic unit? This blog post provides great decoration tips and ideas for the best pirate theme yet! It has photos, ideas, supplies & printable classroom decor to will make set up easy and affordable. You can create a pirate theme on a budget!

Photos, ideas & printable classroom decorations to help teachers plan & create an inviting pirate themed classroom on a budget.

Kindergarten Corps: Social Studies In Kindergarten: Maps and Communities

One of the first projects or themes I find fun, simple and engaging is learning about Communities weeks) and making a map as the culminat.

Free! Pirate Talk Conversation/Question Cards....24 fun pirate theme cards

24 Questions or Conversation Topics focused around Pirates for use in a theme week or today on National Speak Like a Pirate Day! Great for working with voice, fluency, or artic kids at the conversation level.

Pirate Acrostic
P = Prepared
I = Informed
R = Responsible
A = Achieving
T = Together
E = Everyday
S = Successfully

Pirates / Nautical Themed Classroom link has lots of pirate themed ideas with lots of pics and links