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The 7 Biggest Decor Mistakes That Drive Designers Crazy

"I am often dumbstruck by the way people arrange their living room furniture. So much wide-open space, pieces plastered against walls, chairs too far apart," says designer Whitney Stewart. She believes the answer is simplicity. "The guiding principle should be to create intimacy. How can you have a good conversation when you have to shout across the room? I imagine the sofa talking to the chairs, the chairs talking to one another," she says. -

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Clay Club: Cone 5 Copper Red PANAMA RED Cone 6 Reduction 45.50 Potash Feldspar 16.30 Silica 2.70 Whiting 2.70 Kaolin 8.00 Dolomite 11.00 Gerstley Borate 10.00 Ferro Ferro 3110 4.30 Strontium Carbonate 2.70 Zinc Oxide 2.70 Tin Oxide 1.80 Copper Carbonate

Use 4 wooden crates (same size) and build your own table! With a little varnish it will be a masterpiece... Building & Decor SA