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Retirement-blog-flag-flutters-in-the-wind-next-to-a-social-security-office-sign (2)..!!! Social Security, as of August 1, 2014, will no longer allow people to get letters of verification, without signing up for a " My Social Security" account, which would mean having access to a computer, and printer. If going to a library, etc, because of hot having one or the other, it could put pertinent personal information at risk, by using a public computer.!!!

According to republicans it's the elderly and the poor that are destroying America. I suggest that maybe it's mega-rich corporations that have bought the heart and soul of the Republican Party.

Another example of Republicans willingly hurting the people they are supposed to serve to further their own agenda.

Did You Know? Social Security benefits pump 725 billion dollars into the national economy, and TRUMP wants to make devastating cuts to Social Security..per his own words!

Trump Opposes Cutting Social Security From A 'Moral Standpoint': Report (CORRECTED)

Trump Supports Cutting Social Security From A ‘Moral Standpoint,’ Report Says. OMGGG! God forbid that this HATE MONGERING BULLY get anywhere near the White House! His plans for this country will cause RIOTING in every city in this country! How dare he say that he will take Social Security away! He'll never have to rely on it so why should it matter to him? I could go on and on, and on, and on about this POS, but it's as disgusting to think about as he is!